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Keyboard music of Bach J.S. in scores and audio editions of Pavel Popov

J.S. Bach. Goldberg Variations. Editor Pavel Popov / Part 2 - Variations (Nos.6-10), BWV 988

Alternative title Die Goldberg-Variationen
ComposerJohann Sebastian Bach
Arranger Pavel Popov
PublisherPavel Popov
Genre Classical / Instrumental
Instrumentation Piano, Clavichord, Electric piano, Harpsichord, Keyboard, Pedal Piano
Scored forSolo
Type of scoreFor a single performer
Key G major
Movement(s) 6 to 10 from 30
Difficulty Advanced
Year of composition 2008
In this edition of J.S. Bach`s "Goldberg Variations" a teacher of musical theoretical subjects, instrumentation and composition Popov Pavel proposed the original ("The Well-Tempered") fingering system developed in accordance with the rules of transposition, existed in polyphonic improvisation clavier Baroque period in the development of musical culture of Europe.

Upload date: 03 Apr 2015